Here at Black Mountain Fabric, we take the Covid-19 situation very seriously. We have introduced social distancing, hand sanitizer and mask wearing to help protect you, our loyal customers, as well as ourselves and loved ones. We ask that you please follow our guidelines carefully, and if you have questions, please ask!

In the event of a lock down situation, the following steps will be implemented:-

Inability to attend a workshop due to Country, County or Town lock down.

a) An alternative date to attend the workshop will be given that is suitable to the attendee and Black Mountain Fabric

b) If a weekly workshop is affected then this will be determined on an ongoing basis.

If your inability to attend a workshop is a personal decision due to shielding, then an e-mailed copy of your shielding letter will be required and you will be offered an alternative date that is suitable to the attendee and Black Mountain Fabric.

As Black Mountain Fabric is following guidelines for Covid 19 set out by the Government for workshops, we will not be able to offer a refund on a workshop if your reason for not attending is a personal decision. If, however when you inform us that you won’t be attending, we will make every effort to fill your place and if this is achieved you will receive a refund.

Thank You

Black Mountain Fabric